Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rainy 4th

I begrudgingly went to Ally's BBQ yesterday. I only went because my sister flaked and Ally had bought enough food for an army of hungry hipsters and no one was planning to show. Rob and I ate well and left when the rain started. We are so not troopers, but in honesty the rain was a great excuse to dine and dash and I was exhausted.

Tuesday we went to see Absinthe down at the South Street Seaport. It's an amazing show that combines the acrobatics of Circ Du Soliel and the pervy antics of a burlesque show. Which meant I was left awestruck and dumbstruck at the same time. I also felt an overwhelming urge to go the the gym but instead ate too much Italian and drank too much wine. The diet is NOT going well. back up to 136.8 which means I have to really try hard not to go crazy this weekend in Boston.

When we got home I broke out the drum carder
and proceeded to whip up some batts for the etsy. Here's what I did.
This one needs a few more passes to break up the felty bits

Sari Silk, angora and mohair

This one sold already


This one sold too

All in all I love my drum carder its such a cute machine that doesn't take up too much space in my already cramped and tiny apartment.

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