Monday, July 2, 2007

It's here

My new drum carder arrived on Friday and was waiting for me when I got home. It's a Louet Roving Carder Jr. and I bought it from Spunkyeclectic at an awesome price. I've done nothing but play with fiber this weekend, carding all sorts of batts and selecting which ones to spin for myself and which to put on etsy. I'll post pics tomorrow I'm so happy with this purchase.

I had a lovely day on Saturday. Rob and I took Dessie-pup to Van Vorst Park, (an adorable park in the middle of Jersey City) for breakfast of bagels and eggs under the oak trees. There were two different Shakespeare groups doing their thing so it was kind of like dueling Shakespeare (similar to dueling banjos just more eloquent.) And then we let Dessie-pup have her way in the dog run while we browsed the fresh produce from the farmers market stands a few feet away. we selected some fat round zucchini's and a few ears of corn and topped our feast with some lean fresh Sirloin steak. BBQ for dinner!!! It was a lovely night capped off with a trip to Rob's parents house so he and his mom could wake early and get tickets to Shakespeare in the Park.

Every summer The Public puts on these great Shakespeare performances in Central Park and tickets are FREE!!! There is always a big name attached to the vehicle and this year it was Lauren Ambrose (of six feet under) and Cameron Manheim (of the practice). I was so excited to see the show but around 2PM I started to feel yucky, by 7PM I had a full blown fever (102!!!) and had to sacrifice my ticket in order to be well enough to work today. Rob promised he would get me tickets for the next show which is A Midsummer nights Dream (which I want to see 10000X more then Romeo and Juliet) so hopefully alls well that ends well.

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