Thursday, May 31, 2007


Rob is sick, he gets sick a lot, working with small children can be hazardous to your health. He thinks it's strep, and well he's probably right. I kind of feel bad for not babying him, but he gets sick so often I just can't coddle like I used to. He's been out of work way way way to much this year and I'm not sure he'll have a job for next year. It sucks, but it happens.

I went to the dentist yesterday, I know this is an odd thing to say, but I love my dentist. He is such a nice man, so patient and smart. I got my cleaning, no major surprises (thank god) I have to have an old filling redone, which I'm not looking forward to, my dental insurance sucks ass, but it has to be done. On the way home I stopped in Urban Outfitters. I know a lot of artists have issues with that store because they steal ideas from indie artists and mass produce them, but they were having a sale and the bargain hunter in me couldn't say no. I picked up a pair of maroon tight pants with a tapered leg, they look very 1950's, and they also make my hips look HUGE!! I'll probably have to whip up some longer tops that hide the hugeness so I can wear the pants. I also got a retro flowey top that looks very Wonder Years and a cute pair of espadrilles in bright red with rattan heels. I spent under 40 bucks for everything and was quite proud of myself.

I had purchased a bag making kit from wal-mart over the weekend while at my fathers weekend house and sat at the sewing machine to construct it. It really wasn't worth the money, much cheaper to buy a yard of quilted fabric and figure it out myself. Oh well live and learn. I'm at the second row of decreases for the IK Josephine top. I really hope I can finish this sweater, I have a nasty habit of leaving UFOs all over the house. And I'm working on finishing the roving from Spunky Eclectic, long draw spinning generally takes me a bit longer to do. I'm impatiently waiting my new wheel. I love my Babe, but I need something better. The Babe will be relegated to plying and travel when the Louet S10 shows up. Still no flowers in the garden, I'm think I'm going to have to swing by the garden center to pick up some marigolds to keep the bugs away. Jersey City mosquitoes are lethal.

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