Monday, May 28, 2007

First Post

Here's the obligatory first post that any good blog must have. This is not my first blog, but it is my first blog about my hobbies. My last blog was about the trials and pitfalls of my working world and to be honest it just got too damn depressing and tedious to keep posting. I may every once and a while indulge in my inner monologue and bitch about the corporate dronery that is my daytime life, but mostly I hope to keep track of the things I like to do that help me forget that I make rich white men richer for a living.

I hope to share my love of the fiber arts, knitting, crochet, felting and spinning and indulge my conceited side to show off these projects. If you love something leave a comment and check my etsy, you may be able to make it yours.

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