Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ribbit Ribbit

I had to frog about 4 inches off the Josephine top I was knitting from IK summer. I was so sad because I hate frogging to the point where I've completed entire pieces knowing there were errors and not caring and then getting depressed when the FO looked like doo-doo. So in an effort to be a better knitter I closed my eyes and started ripping away and that yarn.

Here's where I'm at now.


Its the same as where I was before I devoted some serious knitting time this three day weekend. I'm working this in redheart luster sheen, (yuck) but it's keeping with my stash busting promise.

Speaking of the weekend it was so lovely and sunny up at my dad's weeked home in CT. Friday I went drinking with the girls and my sister and the city was empty. Well almost empty, it was full of sailors (here for fleet week) and Long Islanders (here because when the cat's away the mice will play.) And Saturday Rob and I had a lovely outdoor lunch/dinner at this cuban place in the hood we've been dying to try.

I took my drop spindle to the house, I would have brought the wheel, but its cumbersome and we were in a rush to escape the city, and about 1 1/2 - 2 oz of the silk hankies I got from wollymanorcom on etsy. I plied them and dyed them with grape kool-aid in the microwave. Dying with kool-aid has got to be my favorite way to dye because the fiber takes on the smell of lollipops. I'll post pics later in the week, sadly I can't keep the finished product because it's going out to spolowitz for the Handspun Handcrafted 3 swap.

On a side note I picked up my new blythe from the post office on Friday. She needs a new outfit and a good hair washing but I present Lola:

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