Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Picture Post

Dessie-pup says "Bring on the photos!"


I recieved the new Spunky Eclectic Fiber of the Month this weekend. It's definitly not what I was expecting.
Sorry I had to use the flash and fiber and flash just don't mix.

She calls the colorway "Nightshade" it's 4 oz of wensleydale, a fiber I've never worked with before. The roving reminded me more of a rolag so I've been spinning it using the long draw method. It's turning out quite nice and I think I'll navajo ply to preserve the colors. I'm afraid it might be too itchy for a scaf, but I'm hoping to get a Clapotis (a Knitty pattern) out of the finished product.

Here's a progress pic
Again, more flash, but this time you can see the color variences that didn't show up when I didn't use the flash.

I sat in the backyard last night trying to make up the unraveled section of the Josephine I'm currently working on, when it occured to me that here we are almost June and though my garden is green there is a severe lack of flowers

What's up dudes, I see you growing now how about some showing.

In fact the only flowers in the yard at this point are the wild honey suckle, which makes the bedroom smell amazing when the window is open. Its a thick sweet musty smell with hints of grass and night air. The other flowers are in the hanging baskets I bought, which are threatening to commit harri-kiri on a daily basis, and the tree which has developed the white tiny blossoms that it did last year


Not that I'm complaining, but when this sucker drops it's flowers its a chore like you wouldn't believe getting the petals up before they rot and attract the steroidal mosquito's that inhabit the yard. It's so sad since I love to sit out there, but the buggers, well they just bug me.

The knitting needles I worked on this weekend didn't come out right, the beads fell off and well just sad. I think I'm going to have to break out the glue gun to fix them right. I used the chopstick knitting needle tutorial on craftster, and I'm thinking if they come out okay I'll post them on my etsy. Keep your fingers crossed!!

I'm about almost back on track with Josephine, and hoping I can get her done before my itchy fingers try to take on another project.

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