Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Obsession

Okay, I'm spread pretty thin with all my hobbies and pursuits but I found something new to take up some more time I don't have. Bento boxes and not the ones that can be found in every Japanese/Asian/fusion restaurant in NY. Real bento boxes packed at home and brought to work to curtail my excessive spending and widening waist line.

Now of course to start any good hobby you must spend a little money first. Well look at this website! Cheap cheapy cheap cheap. I couldn't believe the prices, you should look at it even if you can't stand bentos. It's like a dollar store online that sells cute and use full Japanese items. They also sell really amazing USB hubs for cheap that make me smile and hate my job just a little less.

Now I tried to make a bento but it came out bad, like super bad (no Seth Rogan wasn't in a cop uniform) and well whatever, I'll just keep trying. The thing about Bento Boxes is that they are small so you have to maximize your space and you realize what portion control really is. Also you need color and variety to make it look nice and fill you up. I live by a few Asian supermarkets but I've never set foot inside one. I'm going to take a field trip this week and I will report what I find.

On the crafting front, I cast on another pair of socks (yes I have yet to finish the last pair.) I also started a baby sweater from handspun for a friend of mine who just had a little girl. I like baby knitting cause it goes so fast, instant gratification I say. I'll get some pics for the next post. Until then stay cool in this 90 plus weather.

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Jacki said...

Asian supermarkets are fun! Be sure to look at the magazine section, if they have one - there's normally all sorts of knitting and craft magazines with easy to follow patterns. The cuteness may induce a diabetic coma, so beware!