Friday, July 11, 2008

FO for the Weekend

Okay I made it exactly 48 hours on the master cleanse and I'm never ever doing it again (okay I may try one more time when there are less food distractions to tempt me.)

Onto the FO
Mmmm Sleepy Face
Pattern: Lotus Blossom Tank from IK
Yarn: Cool Crochet by Bernat
Needles: US4 & US5
Notes: Well first of all I'm going to rant for a second. I printed the PDF for this pattern of of the IK website for free. I was about 3/4 of the way through the knit when the PDF, myself and the UFO were all soaked in a freak rainstorm. After letting it dry out I realized my printed copy was no longer legible and went to the IK website to print another copy. Well la-de-freaking-da, IK had pulled the free pattern to put it in their "Best of IK" book (which I do not intend to buy since I have most of the patterns in magazines) I was not going to spend 20 something dollars for a book for a single pattern that on it's own merit isn't very good. Go ahead look at the FO's on Ravelry the good looking tanks have all been modified and tweaked to make this unflattering knit pretty. Well after much struggle, bitching, whining and public airing of my grievances I found a copy of the magazine the pattern was in and was able to finish my tank.
Now for the modifications, buckle your seat belt there are a lot. First my gauge was almost a 1/2 inch smaller then what the pattern called for but this was a good thing because the knit is now fitted. Second I did 6 repeats of the lace pattern instead of 4 to make a baby-doll style top. I added a full inch to the bodice so that it wouldn't cut across my boobs and instead created a more A-line top. I shortened the armholes by an inch to avoid gaping and buckling and to compensate I picked up 10 less stitches for each arm hole. When switching from the lace to the bodice I decreased 10 stitches and then increased 10 stitches in alternated paired increases to create a more flattering line.
This is not the most flattering pic :P
I should remember to stand up straight.
All in all this was a nice knit, I've worn it to the office and gotten many a compliment on it. The yarn was cheapo stuff that can be picked up at any mass-market store like wal-mart and has a lovely shine to it, slightly sparkly but not overwhelming, it tended to get a bit splitty but the entire tank cost me 14 dollars to make and has a lovely drape and touch to it.
I would recommend knitting this if you, like me, like to tool around with your patterns.

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Harlem Purl said...

That tank look sso cut eon you. Love the pattern.

I've done the master cleanse twice this year already but only for 10 days. Its more mental than anything but good luck if you try it again.

p.s. I haven't forgotten about you, I just haven't touched my sewing machine in that long.

Team Knit ! said...

That tank is gorgeous!! You did a great job. I can't say I'd ever do a master cleanse- I've yet to meet someone who doesn't say that it makes them feel like crap! ; )

- Julie

castingaway said...

I was just thinking of doing this very pattern and I love all the modifications you did! Thanks for sharing!

Hanks In The Hood said...

The tank is gorgeous and fits you perfectly. You made it longer on the cleanse then I did. I lasted through breakfast and lunch of the first day and broke down at dinner. It definitely was not for me.

em said...

oooooh your top is lovely