Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey Everybody Do You Know What Time it Is???

It's PICTURE POST TIME!!!! Yay!!!!

Yes, it's a picture post, the posts I do when I'm too busy to type but have a huge back log of photos to share. This picture post is a mish mash of all different things so hopefully there's something for everyone.

I love the long dog days of summer (well I don't love the stink of the city but the lazy afternoons and devil may care attitudes really get me happy.) One of my favorite saturday morning things to do is get Dessie-pup all geared up for the dog park and then stop at the mini-farmers market that sets up every Saturday at Van Vorst Park (a cute little oasis by my house.) She gets tired and dirty and I get produce, cheese, pickles, olives and hummus for the week.
Here's a lunch I made last weekend with Jersey farm tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella. The basil is from my terrace garden.

Speaking of my garden here's the first thing it gave me to eat this year (yes my gardening skills suck but I'm still holding out for at least one freaking tomato)
Spicy and hot, just like peppers should be. This sucker was so hot I scraped the seeds out and let them sit in olive oil to make a lovely fused spicy olive oil perfect for cooking or a daring salad.

This is my weed "Sandy"
I would normally pick the weeds but this little gal is so persistant growing out of the cracked cement of my terrace floor that I have to let her live as long as she can survive without me helping her out. I'm not watering her or anything and shes' the healthiest plant on my terrace :(

Here are some belly shot from my good friend Erik D. He takes lovely pictures and doesn't mind when I call him an asshole or make stupid faces at the camera (I hate having my picture taken)
And look glow poi pics
Very ravery


Necia said...

Love the pics! And, you should try making your own hummus! It's easy and cheap, and the options/variants are endless!

Jacki said...

Your salad looks delicious. I love Sandy. :) And the belly dancing pics are wonderful - your friend takes great pics, and for someone who doesn't like having their picture taken, you definitely can't tell that by looking at the pics!