Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Dyeing

Really I am. I was out of work sick for two days (damn treatment getting me down.) And as any loyal reader knows, I suck at lying in bed all day. Too much to do, to much to see to be horizontal all day long. I took advantage of the time at home at carded up some batts for the shop. I also messed around with some roving. Here's one of them I think I'm calling it "Desert Rose" it's 4.5oz superwash and I'll list it tomorrow.

Dessie has taken a shine to my batts and I find her stealing them if I leave them on the floor too long. Now while most dogs would chew and destroy something furry and fuzzy Dessie has a different approach
She drags them to a sunny spot and snuggles them. When I look at this picture I can almost hear her saying "Mines all mines, you can't haz it." Yes Dessie speaks like a lolcat in my head.

On the knitting front I've been working on the Little Arrowhead Lace Shawl. I spun up some Merino/Tencel from Hanks in the Hood, yes I love that shop, it was 4oz (ha-ha I originally typed 40oz but that wouldn't be a fiber thing) and I spun a dk 3 ply and stretched it to about 250 yards. I'm almost done it's a quick knit and the tencel makes it shine and gives it a lovely drape. Hopefully it will be done before Saturday because I'm intending it to go to my grandmother for her 89th (I'll give you a moment to process how old she is) birthday. I figure if you're lucky enough to live to see 89 then you deserve a beautiful handspun hand knit shawl.

I love my grandma, she's a wonderful woman who at the age she is has yet to give up her independence, she is an inspiration to me and the woman who inspired my love of fiber. At the age of 5 she decided I should learn to crochet and started me out on some Red Heart Supersaver and a saize h hook. I'm sure I didn't make much but I do remember chain stitching a mile long chain for a school project ( I think we were studying measurements of length) in the 3rd grade. Grandma thank you for inspiring me, I'm sure you had no idea what an obsession I would develop.


Do said...

Congratulations with your grandmother. I think such people deserve handspun, knitted presents :)

Anonymous said...

Those colorways are beautiful. I especially like the desert rose.

Jacki said...

Aw, Dessie's so cute with the fiber! My cat likes to do the same thing with roving or handspun (she has no interest in commercial yarn, just the diy stuff). She hugs it and rolls around with it and mouths it a little bit. When I catch her I always have to revel in the cuteness for a minute before yelling, "Ellie, NO!!" :)