Friday, April 4, 2008

Fiber Friday

Okay..I'm not feeling too well. But here's some yarn I spun this week. It's all for swapping except the last yarn (cause I can't give it all away!)

I need to start the chart for the hat pattern cause I realize some knitter prefer charts but I can post the pattern without the chart tonight so let me know which you prefer. I know I've been procratinating but cut me some slack cause I'm sick.

I've so been using the I'm sick thing to my benefit I think it may be the only good thing about having cancer. I haven't had to do my own laundry or food shopping since I got sick and my father has taken to sending me random checks, like money's gonna make me feel better (okay it can't hurt) but I know that this is how he does things so I'm not going to complain.

Raspberry Sorbet from Hanks in the Hood on Etsy. I love this store I signed up for their fiber club which is an entire POUND of fiber (good stuff too like tencel, bamboo, merino and alpaca) each month for three months for the AMAZING cost of 60 bucks TOTAL. (I'M USING CAPS BECAUSE YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL THIS IS!!!!!!!!)
It's 50% Alpaca 45% Wool Top 5% Mohari 2 oz total spun lond draw to about 100 yards worsted weight 2 ply. It's so soft I can barely give it to it's rightful owner.

Up next is "Into the Blue" Hand dyed and carded by me it's a 50/50 wool top bfl mix that I spun long draw into 130 yards dk weight fulled singles.

Up next is 110 yards worsted weight fulled singles Wool Top Mohair from my Electric Razzberry colorway.

"Rose Garden" sport/dk weight Corriedale and glitz spun from batts on AspenMoonArts on etsy. About 130 yards fulled singles
The colors didn't really photograph well this is a much richer yarn then the pictures would have you believe.

And lastly the yarn I'm keeping for me. 270 yards 3 ply (I navajo plied it) superwash wool/nylon blend for socks. I'm testing out a product I hope to list soon called Sock Batts which would come with the batt and some contrasting batts in just nylon for heels and toes. I still need to spin up the contrast yarn but here's what I have so far.


dawn said...

Holy Toledo, that is an amazing *cost* is at least that much!

I love your spinning, especially the first one. I always love warm reds and browns and that one is such a beautiful color!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Beautiful. Makes me want to throw my WIP across the room and start a new project with that blue-blue yarn of yours !!!

Do said...

The yarns look great! I wish I could spin (and ply) like that. The first yarn is the most tempting to me ;) I love the texture, colour, material.

Anonymous said...

Love your yarn colors, but I also see you have a Mini Schnauzer. I just got a 7 week old all white male. Yours is adorable.