Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As the Days Go By

I woke up one morning and it was spring. I'm not quite sure where winter went, but I'm amazed at the weather these days. It seemed that winter was taking a long ass time to leave us but then it was 70 degrees and sunny. There was no in between, no days of temperatures in the middle 50's so I could wear my denim jackets and cute blazers, oh no it was 30 one day and now it's very much not.

I decided that it was definitely time to start planting on my terrace. The plan was to get this done on Saturday in the lovely almost 80 degree heat with the sun helping me get out of bed, but sadly Saturday came and went and I stayed in bed sick as a dog. So Sunday would have to be planting day, but Sunday was cloudy and cool with droplets of mist in the air, definitely not planting weather. I kept to my schedule though my body resisted, I got in the car and drove to the 14th street greenhouse to stock up on annuals, vegetables and herbs. A few hours and bags of dirt later I have my little urban oasis ready to sprout. Tomatoes and hot peppers are planted next to peonies and Gerber daisies. I have basil, thyme, rosemary and parsley and maybe they will all last through the summer (I have aspirations of a green thumb but I am the Dr. Kevorkian of the plant world.) I also picked up some plants for inside the house, succulents and orchids are bringing some much needed cheer to chase the winter blahs away. I will post better pictures of the terrace when it more impressive, tiny saplings do not make great pictures. Until then I have some shots with the blythe dolls at the bottom. (I keep these away from the content for you Harlempurls, I know how much they creep you out.)

As it got nicer on Sunday I ventured out of the house to the Drum Circle for wounded war veterans and the Woodstock Project at the VFW in Saddlebrook. Say what you will but you haven't been to a fundraiser that is more insane and hilarious then this one was. Old hippies, families, enthusiastic special needs children and 80's hair band rejects pounding their drums while others dance in rapture (some on the beat others, not so much.) It was worth every penny of the 20 dollar donation at the door and I had a good time hanging out with people who I normally wouldn't cross in my everyday life. I tried to get some pictures but then I realized that I didn't have permission from these people to post them on the Internet so in the spirit of goodwill I have nothing to share except my memories.

On the fiber front nothing too interesting going on. I finished one spirogira and have about 80% of the second to do, I'm fighting that second sock syndrome and I keep abandoning it for more alluring projects. I'm still plugging away at the Kauni but at this rate it will be done next December. I spun up some alpaca for a swap but I need to photograph it and I'm currently working on some cormo for another swap, but cormo has a tendency to be fun for only so long and then I want to rip my bobbin off the wheel and spin some boring merino or superwash. On a side note anyone know where I can get some flax? I figured that I could try something new. I want to spin flax for the project up on knittyspin but I'm having a bitch of a time finding any. Do you think I could use hemp instead? Ideas are most appreciated.

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