Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year

Okay like a month late but here I am.
Things have been quite insane on my side of the fence. I will not go into detail but...
Break up
Make up
Watching a friend loose his life to an illness he didn't know he had till it was too late, he's still fighting but its a rigged match at this point :(
The stock market
The bond market
Started school again (slowly but surely I will have my MBA!!)
Cold weather
Snow weather
Ice weather
Do you need me to go on??

I'm back on the needles and still spinning cashmere. I finished an entire sock (not a pair just the one) and a few other projects. I need to schedule a photo shoot but life has been life and sometimes life has no time to be captured on film.

Oh and the bastards who inspected and tuned up my car stole my f*cking GPS unit. It wasn't even a month old. I sent my dad over there to "talk some sense into them" (that's Italian for threaten) and he did so hopefully I will have a GPS by tomorrow.

I'm going to try to make the SnB in Jersey City at the Starbucks tonight. I haven't gone in like over a year almost and I need some nice knitting time. I also should probably try to do laundry tonight, unless I plan on knitting some clean underwear like tonight. It wouldn't be such a bad idea but knitted underwear just sounds like itchy cooter and unhappy bum.

I miss you all and hopefully I'm back for good!!

OH OH OH and look a photo! Its me this summer in front of the Partridge Family bus. It's the real bus and I don't know how I found it. I was just driving to Howe Caverns to have a stupid, tourist, fun time and saw it by the side of the road.

I climbed on it and tried to break in but the people I was with really didn't want to go to jail for trespassing and grand theft auto (how bad ass would it be if some rough a tumble lady asked what I was in for and I said "stealing the Partridge Family bus!!)


Necia said...

Oh my! Girl, welcome back!

brandilion said...

I would so totally! have broken into the bus with you! Awesomeness!