Friday, November 14, 2008

And then I ran out of Excuses

I have been knitting, spinning, and crafting. I've also been sweating my ability to remain employed in this terrible economy. Working in the financial industry seemed like such a good idea five years ago, but now not so much. My blackberry stopped working the other day and I swore I was fired. I panicked and called into the office but no one I worked for was around. Instead of thinking that it was a blackberry glitch I freaked out all weekend only to find out I was still gainfully employed Monday morning.

On the knitting front I have finished several UFO's that have been lying around waiting for me to knit again. I completed the sweater vest (I love it and it totally got me into a cable kick) and I also finished my lace shawl. I started another hat and picked up the Juno I started knitting for my mom last year around this time. I still hate the yarn, hate hate hate the yarn, but I will finish this before her birthday on December 9th.

Still no pictures. I'm a terrible blogger, and I feel I've neglected so many of you. But fret not the weather is turning crappy lately and when there is nothing else to do I will start documenting my life down to the minute details.

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Beth in NC said...

not sure how I surfed into your blog, but I love your writing style and seeing your yarn output...I'm not a spinner, but an occasional knitter and all time quilter....feel free to check out my blog and drop me a line if you have a minute...beth in nc