Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Brain is Full but My Camera Battery Empty

I was all set to post up some pics today, but le sigh, it's been so long since I broke out the camera that the battery was all gone. Instead I'll update you on life.

I'm still spinning that yummy cashmere, and I dread the day I'm done because then I'll have to go back to spinning regular old wool again :(
I was all set to go to rhinebeck for the weekend but sadly I have a conflicting event that weekend (for which I've already booked a hotel room) and now I'm all kinds of depressed. I'm thinking I may go to the other event and leave super early on Sunday, stop in the city to scoop up molliemoo and drive up to rhinebeck to do a little shopping. If I miss rhinebeck it won't be the worst thing in the world. Since I've been so busy the stash monster has tripled in size and I still have tons of wool and roving and batts and fleece laying around, maybe not going will spare my (much hurting) bank account and save me closet space.

I'm almost finished with the sweater vest I'm working on, it's the first wool project (for me the baby sweater didn't count) since the summer and it feels so good to be working with wool again. The pattern is from Aurora Yarns but I can't find it on ravelry or the internet. I picked it up as a print out at a yarn store up in Connecticut the last time I was up there. It's not the best pattern but its a quick cabled knit and I converted most of it to the round.

Besides all that I've been going back to school. I started my MBA program back in the beginning of September and damn I forgot how hard school/homework can be. Add to that the stress of working full time and all my extra-curricular activites and damn Stickyfingers has no time. Seriously no time at all. My DVR is full of shows I want to watch but can't and I went so far as to cancel my premium cable (no more HBO, Showtime or Starz) and then True Blood came out and I wished I hadn't done that. I just can't win. Pictures next time, I promise!

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