Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi I'm Still Alive

And very busy. Let's play catch up.
Ravelympics - well I failed didn't even cross the finish line. I was in the teeny bikini breast stroke for the Knit Girls and wow umm, yeah deadlines aren't really my strong point. I'm sure it didn't help that I had perfume spill in my purse and saturate the yarn so strongly that in order to work on the bikini I had to be outside on my terrace so the apartment wouldn't take on the smell of a french whore.

Spinning - It's the summer and its nice out and there are a million things to do while its nice out...enough excuses lets face facts, I am being a very bad fiber artist as of late. I have like 4 bobbins of halfway completed yarns that I just need to sit down and finish but I have no time, no time at all.

Life - Umm yeah this is what has been keeping me from doing anything else, so to put it all in one post would be insane. No pics today no details either. Lets sum it up like this a life in flux is never boring.

Till the next time I have five minutes to spare...

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