Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have pictures!

See I knew it, I blog about something and then I get all guilty that I have no pics to prove that I did anything so it's a self fulfilling prophecy "write about it and pics will come!"

First up an FO
Pattern: Daddy & Me Po' Boy Caps by Fully Woolly
Yarn: The blue yarn is Lambs Pride Bulky and the stripe is the Handspun from Hanksinthehood I showed you all last post.
Needles: US 5's 7's and 8's I wanted a looser gauge then the pattern called for.
Notes: Umm no real modifications to the pattern except maybe the stripe. I think it's a cute kind of jaunty hat and I hope I can wear it somewhere.
(ugh I look so effing sick in this picture, I should have put some lipstick on to pretend like my face had some color)
And here's a pic of the top of the hat, it's got that nifty pinwheel effect going on.

My friend said it looked like a rasta hat with a brim so maybe I'll wear it while I spin more hemp (I'm going for a theme with this hemp thing if you couldn't tell.)

And I have more yarn to share. This is the Spunky Eclectic FOTM "Think Spring." As you can see the colors are so obnoxiously girly that there was no way I could do anything but knit a baby sweater out of it. I'm knitting the One Skein Wonder Baby Sweater out of it and I think I have just enough yarn to make it.
It's a bulky yarn with some slubs and thin spots but it makes a wonderfully textured sweater all knit up. This is a fast going knit, I cast on Tuesday night and should be done by this evening, I knit in bursts no real time dedication to this project.
Doesn't it just scream BABY GIRL!!!!

Any who, the flu seems to be clearing up a bit. Thank you all for your kind words, I hope I'm well enough for this weekend I have some really cool things planned. If any of you are in NYC on Saturday swing by the Dance Parade in the 20's I'll be the bellydancer with Isis wings and a huge shit-eating grin. And my bestie Mollie graduated college (I'm so proud of her you have no idea) and she's planning a blow out, which I can't attend if I'm ill. Hopefully I'll get a few pics of the sweater before the weekend.

Is anyone else feeling the pressure to finish their winter knitting? It's getting brighter and sunnier and unless the project is lace weight I always give up my wonderful wool for warmer fibers in the summer. I try to spin still but I stock pile it until that first fall afternoon. What kind of projects do you like to knit in the summer?


Necia said...

I should truly try to go to that dance parade. Congrats to Molly. I plan on spinning this summer just like I did last. I'll wait until the cooler evenings. Apparently I'm on a dishcloth frenzy. I just want to rid myself of some stash, so I can buy more yarn. Or spin more yarn.

Harlem Purl said...

Kewl hat! If I'm downtown on Saturday I'll visit for sure. I'm planning on knitting a bunch of tank tops thi ssummer but I'm still trying to finish some sweters so we'll see how it goes. Socks are always good for summer knitting also.

Jenni-Boom said...

Love that hat! So cute and it looks fantastic on you. :)