Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad Bad Blogger

I've been slacking. But I have good excuses. See I got my flu shot this winter, the company gives them out for free (I think its more cost effective to pony up for the vaccinations then to incur the sick days people would use) and I got mine when they were doling them out. I made it through the winter, no flu, barely even a head cold and then as soon as it gets nice and warm WHAM I'm sick with the flu. It's been a trying week, I've been trying to craft, trying to watch tv, trying to feel productive, but I'm failing miserable at everything. I spun some yarn
Shocking" 70 % Merino Wool 30 % Bamboo from Hanksinthehood
It's only an ounce but I got almost 80 yards bulky weight from it
I knit it into a hat as a nice stripe, as soon as I stop looking like day of the dead I'll take a pic to show it off.

I also purchased some hemp, and when it arrived I started wet spinning it while listening to Bob Marley (it seemed some how appropriate.) Hemp is nice to spin, its grabby and a bit stiff but I like it and I think I'm going to make the bag from the latest knittyspin when I'm done.

I also spun up some South African Fine from Spunky Eclectic's FOTM (no pics yet) it was the "Think Spring" colorway that so many people didn't like, pale pink and pale yellow aren't really my colors either, but a friend of mine just had a baby girl so I'm going to knit her a sweater out of it. I mean if anyone can wear pale pink and pale yellow it's a baby girl.

The guy I'm seeing came all the way out of his way last night to bring me chicken soup, a blockbuster movie, and gatorade. He also thought it would be best to walk the dog for me cause as he put it "damn you do look like hell" (so sweet he is.) But it was a nice gesture and it makes me feel good that someone's looking out for me. Anyway may you avoid this evil spring flu and hopefully I'll be up to pic taking later in the week


Do said...

Ahw I hope you feel better soon! So sweet that he brings you chicken soup :) I'm looking forward to seeing your new handspun yarns, especially the hemp..

Hanks In The Hood said...

Hey Tanya, I am going through the same thing with a terrible cold. I hope you didn't catch my germs in the hemp I sent you. LOL. I hope you feel better soon. I was told to soften the hemp up a bit after you are done soaking it put it in the freezer overnight. When you take it out give it a few good whacks. I have not done tried this myself, but heard it helps. I can't wait to see the pictures. Get better.

Necia said...

OOh, feel better girl. I can't wait to hear about your hemp and Marley experience, rofl. I'm glad to hear you have a new beau in your life!