Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where has Sticky Gone?

I'll be honest with you all, I'm sick. Well I was sick and now I'm getting better. I have had cancer. I was seemingly well out the outside thanks to what they call "mild treatment" which means I get to keep my hair and not look like a walking corpse, but I still haven't felt well in a long time. Before my last treatment I took a trip to Florida for some sun and relaxation. And yes I started a warm weather knitting project to bring with me. I forgot how annoying knitting with cotton can be but also how liberating it is to know that your project will be done in half the time because you don't have to knit full sleeves.

Here's some pics to distract you (I am knitting in one of them) and I'll have that hat pattern posted in no time.

I swear the ocean never fails to make me feel better
Playing with the macros setting on my new camera
One of these birds crapped on my cousin
Turtle orgy!!
See I told you there would be knitting. The pattern is Lotus Tank from IK which is a free pattern if you join Knitting Daily
It's nice seeing bright colored flowers in March
It wouldn't be Florida without coconuts and palm trees.


Necia said...

Sticky!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for updating girl. Yay for you fighting that evil! When did u sneak to Fla. And, more important what kind of camera did you get.

Harlem Purl said...

Whoa, Sticky. I'm glad you're doing better. Those pics are just what we need for this dreary weather we've had here in the city.

Do said...

"One of those birds crapped on my cousin" Hilarious. (as long as it's not me)
I didn't knew you had cancer. I hope you feel better soon. Luckily, you have a sea and some knitting to distract you :)