Monday, March 10, 2008

Someone Explain to Me

Why in NJ there are like dozens of St. Patrick's Day Parades, none of which occur on St. Patrick's day?

It boggles my mind that the Irish get like 3 weekends worth of parades to celebrate a holiday that is best known for drunks and leprechauns.

That said, this weekend I participated in one of these superfluous parades. A friend of mine performs at children's parties as the Disney Princesses, singing songs and painting faces...The company she works for was contracted to send in all their numerous characters to sit on floats for the Jersey City St. Patrick's day parade. I planned on going out to watch the parade and to cheer for her.

Late Saturday night, about 12:30 AM my phone rings, it seems that one of the "Princesses" has gone MIA and they need a quick fill in, I agree to help out. I am assigned Princess Jasmine ,from the movie Aladdin, she is the princess who wears the least amount of clothing. I reluctantly agree knowing that the temperatures in Jersey City are due to reach a whopping 40 degrees with wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour.

For over 2 hours I smiled and I froze, and when all was said and done I ran home to thaw my body out and hopefully regain feeling in my toes. Here are some pictures of my public humiliation.

See I'm damn near naked!! (I'm wearing a body stocking so I have no belly button, I'm anatomically correct underneath.) Oh and look at those gloves, they are knitted, I couldn't have a post with zero crafts in it ya know.
Belle gets to wear an entire dress!
My charming prince, and yes I am wearing a totally pimp looking coat.
It's not an Irish parade without a leprechaun!
I have no idea what Ariel has to do with the Irish, although she does have red hair, maybe she's some sort of Celtic fish.
If you smile long enough your cheeks start to hurt.
The Irish Woman of the Year was conspicuously missing from the float which puzzled me.

Okay enough, I look a damn fool, enjoy my humiliation, I still can't feel my tootsies.

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